Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tea Blog Rises From The Dead, Witnesses Say It Was 'Divine Intervention'


How are you all doing?

Sorry I've been missing our little get-togethers here. Well, instead of making up excuses that probably aren't true, I will just let you all know that it's not serious. I have been writing two other blogs, Righteous Metal, and Questions Make You Smarter, and I am pretty zoned in on those. Therefore this blog is now going to be sacrificed to some really eclectic and unpredictable tangents that enter my thoughts, ignoring the guards at the gate.

This is probably not a good idea, Sean. Turn back. TURN BACK!!

But I just cannot resist. I began to share my blog post on how to make a good cup of tea, and then suddenly... THIS happened.

Well the urge has hit me, and at a time when I so happen to have a really nice CTC type of Assam on hand. I have been really happy with my first two cups, so ... well... here we go again!

Next thing you know I will be having a tea party on the ceiling!!

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